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Acoustica MP3 To Wave Converter PLUS! FAQ Section

Ok, what am I doing wrong?  How do I use this file converter?
To start converting MP3 files, you need to right click on the audio file in Windows.  Yes, you heard right...You start the program by right clicking on MP3 or wav files in Windows.  

For example, if you had a bunch of MP3 files in "C:\My Music", you would first double click "My Computer", followed by double clicking "(C:)", followed by double clicking the "My Music" folder.  Select the MP3 files you want to convert.  You can select the MP3 files by either dragging, or if you hold down the Ctrl key you can individually select them.  Right click on one of the selected MP3 files and a menu will appear.  Click "Convert to WAV" and the program will start!

Can't find any .MP3 files on your computer?  Try this.

How do I convert more than one file at a time?
In the Window's Explorer, select the audio files you want to convert.  

You can select the audio files by left clicking and then dragging over the file icons (When you are dragging it shows a big square.).   Or you can select the files by holding down the Ctrl key and left clicking on the individual songs you want.  

Right click on one of the selected audio files and a menu will appear.  Click "Convert to WAV" and the program will start!  All the files selected will be queued up.

Can't find any .MP3 files on your computer?  Try this.

Are the original files replaced by the converted files?
No.  The mp3s that you convert are not deleted.  They are kept intact.  The converted wave files are stored in the decode directory, which defaults to "C:\Converted Audio Files".
Converted sounds are sounding bad.
The converted sounds are sounding grainy. Go to the options, click the Wave tab and set it to use the "best suited format".
Conversions are taking a long time.
Go to the options dialog to set the pauses to a shorter time. 50 Ė 250 millisecond pauses are a good setting. For maximum speed, you can set it to 0 millisecond pauses if you donít need to do any other processing on your computer!
Can I run it via the command line for batch files, etc?
Yes you can!  You can launch it via the command line like this :

mp3towave -C "pathtomp3"

Note that it needs the quotes around the path to the MP3 and the c needs to be a capital C.  Of course, the MP3 to wave executable directory must be in your path variable or you must put the explicit path to the executable in the command line call.

If you are converting to MP3, you'll need to specify the -3 flag.  


-3 (Convert to MP3)
-C (Convert to Wav)

Where are my MP3 files stored?
You're already to convert your mp3s...but where are they? 

You can go to the Window's Start button, followed by "Find", followed by "Files or Folders".  Type '*.MP3' without the single quotes and make sure "My Computer" is selected in the "Look In" control.  Then press the "Find Now..." button.  This will take awhile and scan your hard drive for all your mp3s.  Then you just have to right click on the ones you want to convert!

When I try to re-associate it says "Failed to associate!"
If you are using WinNT or Win2k, please make sure you are installing the software in Administrator mode in order to get the file associations set up correct.  Download the latest version here.
I have Windows XP and I have right click menu problems!
At the time of writing this, there is an XP related issue when you right click on the second MP3 To Wave Converter PLUS menu. For example, if you are right clicking on an MP3 and then clicking "Convert ToÖ" followed by clicking "Options" and the conversion starts, instead of the options window coming up, then you need to set the converter into "XP Compatibility Mode". 

To fix this problem, right click on the "MP3 To Wave Converter PLUS" icon on your desktop, followed by clicking "Properties". Click the "Compatibility mode" section, click the "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and then select "Windows 98/ Windows ME". Finally, click "OK" and thatís it!
I purchased an earlier versions of the converter.  Do I have to buy "PLUS" now?
No.  We changed the name of the product to include "PLUS" because it converts from WAV to MP3 now.  In fact, we expect many more supported formats in the not too distant future!

Simply uninstall the old version and install the new MP3 To Wave Converter PLUS.  (You will not have to re-enter your registration code.)

I have purchased a registration code and its not accepting it!!!
Please make sure you are typing in the registration code.  It is pretty common to accidentally type in the product # or order #.  Scan down your order email to the line that says "Your registration code is: " and the number right after that is your registration code!
I have not received my registration code!  Isn't it about time!
Do not panic!  In many cases, there may be a processing delay.  Sometimes, people have supplied the wrong email address.  In rare cases, the registered users are unreachable due to misconfigured email clients or privacy control.  Read here for more info.

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