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(Easy to Use, Copy DVD movies, DVD Copy Software, DVD Movie Burner Software, Exact DVD Copier, Burn DVDs to 1 DVD movie)

DVD X Platinum - Burn DVD movies easily and perfectly onto 1 DVD disc!

BRAND NEW PRODUCT: DVD X Platinum by DVD X Software available for sale!

DVD X Platinum is the perfect DVD movie backup tool for every DVD movie burning situation, guaranteed to satisfy DVD movie lovers at any level. You will be able to burn DVD movies with DVD X Platinum's Simple mode, you get one-click automated backups with blazing speed. Power-users and movie buffs alike rave about DVDXPlatinum's Advanced mode where you can easily create highly customized backups by compressing or deleting content of your choice. That's right, you can slice, dice and squeeze or leave DVD movie content how you like. Then save these burn session preferences via small TDF files that can be shared with your friends. Platinum is the most advanced DVD burning technology of its kind. This product is guaranteed to satisfy or your money back.

WHAT YOU CAN DO with DVD X Platinum Software:

  • Burns DVD movies to any blank DVD Disc (DVD +/- R/RW)

  • Backup copy plays on any ordinary home DVD player

  • Constantly updated to support latest DVD burners and blank DVD discs

  • Product updates available online

  • Live Telephone Technical Support

  • Automatically reformats +/- RW discs

  • Copies DVD movie content from original DVD disc or from hard drive

  • Copies Special Features (Movie Trailers, Commentary, etc.)

  • Copies Full Multi-Channel Audio (Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS)

  • Copies Every Language Available on Original DVD Movie

  • Copies Episodic DVD Movies; TV Series, etc.

  • NTSC/PAL Support

  • Requires DVD burner

  • Learn more about DVD X Platinum.

DVD X Platinum. ORDER NOW!

Step 1: Insert DVD Movie, then click "START"
Step 2: Insert Blank DVD, then click "START"
Step 3: ENJOY the movie!!

It's as simple as that!  BACKUP COPY-PROTECTED MOVIES!

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Imagine how much $$MONEY$$ you will save with DVD X Platinum:

SCENARIO:  Curious children, siblings, or a roommate scratches, loses, or ruins your favorite DVD movie just when you wanted to watch.


If you have to re-purchase just 6 DVD movies you could have purchased DVD X Platinum instead and saved yourself the hassle, time and the MONEY

The price is a small one to pay considering the time and cash you will save in the long run!  Make the smart choice now and burn DVD movies with DVD X Platinum.


Have a Question? Concern?

If you have a question, don't bottle it in! Contact us directly at: .  Don't hesitate, because we're more than willing to help and answer any questions.

DVD X Platinum Copies Movies from DVD to DVD - Easy to Use and Quick!
Adjust compression & create TDF files

DVD X Software's DVD X Platinum burns DVD movies onto 1 DVD blank disc
Select content and preferences

Buy DVD X Platinum!

Burn DVD movies with DVD X Platinum - DVD Movie Copy Software for your DVD movies!



Copy & Burn DVD Movies

[ Buy DVD X Platinum Now! ]


Why Buy DVD X Platinum?

  • Make perfect DVD to DVD backups

  • Choose between simple and power-user modes

  • "One-click" auto-compress to any blank DVD disc

  • Split large movies to multiple discs for perfect quality

  • Customize compression rates

  • Delete unwanted content


DVD X Platinum FAQ:


Q: What is the difference between Video Vault and the DVDX Series?

A: DVDXpress, Gold and Platinum enable you to create a backup of a DVD movie to one blank DVD disc or multiple discs depending on the product. For example, you can safely store your original and let the kids use the backup or take the backup copy for travel.

Video Vault is for those wishing to transfer their DVD Collection or Video Tapes to the computer and view them on that computer, stream them to a video server, create a new DVD that is a compilation of many DVD's, or export those movies to be viewed on a device such as a PDA or Personal Video Player.

[ Buy DVD X Platinum Now! ]

Q: Are free updates available?

A: Yes, free life-time product version updates are provided for all X Software products - the latest versions always available online. X Softwares' extensive R&D team works year round to improve performance and enhance features. Our global team of software engineers work on daily basis with media and drive manufacturers to ensure the industry's highest level of compatibility.

Q: Are the DVDX products compatible with most DVD drives and media?

A: Yes, X Software provides the industry's most advanced backup technology. We constantly update all of our products to ensure their compatibility with the latest dvd burner hardware and blank disc media technologies. In fact, we are the only company you will find that offers a 90-day unconditional guarantee. Not a "risk free" trial or other conditional guarantee. Only software products with a very high compatibility and burn success rate can make this claim - this is what make the DVDX backup series unique.

[ Buy DVD X Platinum Now! ]

Q: How long does it take to copy and burn a DVD movie?

A: No other company offers a faster backup solution. Most movies, even on older computers, can be copied in less than an hour.

Q: What makes a great DVD backup solution?

A: Core Technology, Feature Set, Hardware/Software Compatibility, Support and a Guarantee.

[ Buy DVD X Platinum Now! ]

Q: Do I need to have a DVD Burner or DVD Writer?

A: YES! You must have a DVD+R/W or DVD-R/W burner drive installed in your PC (internal or external) in order to burn DVD movies onto a DVD.


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